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IAP가 직접 개발한 EPS-TOPIK 어플리케이션입니다.

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What is EPS-TOPIK?

EPS-TOPIK is the Korean language proficiency test 
administered by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. 
This is a mandatory test for foreigners who want to work in Korea. 
In EPS-TOPIK, basic communication skills, Korean language proficiency 
and understanding of Korean corporate culture are evaluated.  
EPS-TOPIK is implemented in 16 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, etc. which are signed to MOU on Employment Permit System. 
The number of test takers is steadily increasing every year. 

Nevertheless, there are currently very few study materials for foreign learners 
to study Korean language properly. 
For now, Learners take the test with insufficient learning materials. 
These problems lead to communication problems with employers, industrial accidents, 
and adaptation problems to Korean culture. 
In fact, one in ten foreign workers  a year  is experiencing industrial accidents. 
Proper study environment is needed for foreign workers to adapt to Korea well. 

Why you should study EPS TOPIK with AET

Point 1. Study environment similar to real exam

AET consists of  sample questions derived from previous actual tests and applied questions as well.  

Learners can use a 'timer' function to practice answering the questions in a set time 
and a 'skip' function when there are confusing ones. 

The application also provides with mp3 files for all the listening parts 
so that the learners practice the test as if they were participating in an actual test.    

Point 2. Detailed explanation for all the answers

AET provides explanation passages for all the answers. 
Learners can find out why they have got the wrong answers and study more 
by reading the explanations.

Point 3. AI internet lecture video provided

Learners can also watch videos of explanations for all the answers. 
AI-conducted videos are informative and fun as well.  

Point 4. AI system that automatically analyzes test results

In AET, when a learner finishes studying, the AI system automatically analyzes the results.

Through the analysis, learners finds out which type of questions they are weak in 

and what kind of extra study they need.

Point 5. AI system that automatically matches similar types of questions

AET identifies wrong answers and automatically matches similar questions. 

Learners can study effectively in a short period of time 

by repeatedly learning the types of questions they are vulnerable to.

Point 6. Checking your ability through the ranking system

AET provides a ranking system that compares the learner to other learners around the world. 

Learners can constantly check their skills every week in light of the ranking change.

Point 7. Provides English, Vietnamese and Indonesian languages

AET provides English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian languages as well as Korean language.

Learners can read the explanation passages and watch AI Internet lectures in their native languages.

You can use it like this:

To use AET, you have to be a member first.

Enter your email and select your country to sign up.

After registering as a member, you can solve the questions right away.

After solving the questions, check the correct answer and read to the explanation for incorrect answers. 

An explanation video is also available.

In AET, AI also analyzes your test score.

You can also find out which questions you are weak in through AI analysis. 

And you can compare your grades to other people through the rankings.

AET is the application you have been waiting for. 

It helps you to get a high score in EPS TOPIK if you want to work in Korea.

Download now!

IAP EDU supports the dream of prospective workers who want to work in Korea.

Prepare your EPS-TOPIK with AET today.